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Natural oils infused with advanced whitening and firming ingredients to lighten age spots, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines safely and effectively.

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Great Food for my Skin! Never have I thought oil based serum would be suitable for my oily skin, this product definitely proved me wrong! The best part is, my face does not feel oily after each application. No artificial "fragrant" smell like my other skincare products, this all natural goody packed food works wonder.


My skin saver...started using serum for my face, after using really see results as my freckles lighten , skin look more is the cleanser, i feel my face more moisture after wash. my hubby too using tis products, we both love idonae products.

Melissa Lee

My skin texture was a combination of dry and oily which is difficult to find right product. This serum give me an amazing result which was unexpected. It is not oily as compared to other brand I had tried and easily absorbed within second. Applied after few weeks, improvement shown as skin tone looks more gradient and brighter. It's also improved on lightening the pigmentation.. try it and you can see the amazing result

Jomaica Lim

It hydrate, lighten acne mark/freckles and minimize the pore. You can see the result after 1 week. I love using it! 

Lilian Tan
idonae sisters

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