The Goddess of Eternal Youth

Idonae is old English for Iduna (or Iðunn), a goddess of youth in Norse mythology, a keeper of apples and grants eternal youth to the other Norse gods and goddesses.

Hence, the inspiration for our brand logo - the silhouette of an apple in tasty-looking dessert pink.

We were obsessed with the type of ingredients used in our products and we formulated each of them with love and care, much like what Iðunn would have done for her beloved apples.  Our greatest satisfaction was waking up to beautiful, flawless-looking skin and getting rave reviews from our testers.  We had individuals with sensitive skin and our products suited them almost perfectly.  That was one of the best parts. 

We love our products for what they have done for our skin (and youth), and hope you would love them too.

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