The Journey of Idonae

The birth of idonae was inspired by food. 

It began with reading ingredient labels on food packages.  We were (and still are) obsessed with what we eat and how it impacts health in the long run.  We were selective about what goes in, unless we were very, very hungry.

Why stop at food labels?  We started reading labels on personal care products, from face lotions to hair conditioners.  It was hard to find products that are not filled with too much chemicals and fillers of no nutritional value to our skin.  It does not make sense.

Why are we not getting as much nutrients on our skin as we have on our plate?  We began researching on the type of active ingredients with synergistic effects and suspended them in natural carrier oils and water, added natural preservatives and plant-based emulsifiers for a tasty-looking texture.  We had to leave out plant or flower extracts that were almost always suspended in alcohol or some other preservatives (although some of them sounded tasty too).  Apparently they were good for marketing but they can't be in our products because we wanted them to be alcohol-free.

The process was very long and tedious - almost worth a graduate thesis.  But the end results - after getting feedback from our testers - were very soothing to our ego and health!  An old friend seemed to look younger after several weeks of using our product, which had a greater impact than hearing her speak fondly of it.  Visuals are powerful tools indeed.

The journey has just begun.  We have so many elements to play with - research, conceptualize, test and create - it's worth a lifetime commitment, with no regrets :)

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  • Hi, I really like how you read labels on skin care products. You inspire me to start reading ingredients and google for health hazard or toxicity. Thank you!

    Kat Yang

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